xaitMap for Unity Now Supports iOS, Android and Unity Web Player

Quierschied, Germany – April 24, 2012 – xaitment, the creators of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) software for video game and simulation developers, today announced that its xaitMap for Unity plug-in can now deploy NavMeshes, movement, pathfinding, obstacle avoidance, and more, on iOS, Android and the Unity Web Player. Once installed, xaitMap for Unity's pathfinding functionality appears in the interface and menu structure of Unity and Unity Pro (versions 3.4 and 3.5). The first 250 customers to purchase will get support for all platforms – Windows, iOS, Android and the Unity Web Player – for $249 instead of the standard $499 price.

"Pathfinding is a key component of most games today, including games running on mobile devices and in browsers," said Mike Walsh, CEO of xaitment. "The problem is, many smaller and independent developers working on these platforms don’t have budgets for advanced pathfinding tools. With the xaitMap plug-in for Unity, we're giving mobile and browser game developers using Unity or Unity Pro a number of AAA, processor-friendly pathfinding features at an extremely reasonable price."

xaitMap for Unity is Windows-based (Mac support coming soon) and brings a number of powerful pathfinding features to mobile and browser game development:

- Fast 3D NavMesh generation on any type of terrain

- Platform-optimized pathfinding

- In-game NavMesh updates using dynamic blockers

- Setting up and modifying collision avoidance on any component in a scene

- Easily creating and modifying a character's movement

- Quickly creating predefined paths by dragging and dropping targets on a NavMesh.

xaitMap for Unity for all platforms can be purchased from xaitment's web store for $249 (limited time offer). A 45-day free trial is also available. The plug-in comes with community support, full documentation and a number of video tutorials. Premium support and source code are also available upon request. For more information, contact xaitment via its website or email.

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