xaitment Expands in Asia with New Sales VP, Distribution Partner

Brame joins xaitment with more than 33 years of sales experience, specializing in the sale of game middleware technologies throughout Asia. Brame, who has numerous business contacts in Asia, will coordinate the partnership with Gamebase. Brame is based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and will report to xaitment’s Group CEO Dr. Andreas Gerber and Markus Schneider, Executive VP of Sales for the Americas and Asia.


Gamebase brings more than 12 years of industry experience as a master reseller to the partnership with xaitment and specializes in marketing to game developers and publishers in Korea. Gamebase will handle marketing, sales and provide customer support for xaitment’s graphical AI game tools, along with translating and distributing press releases. Gamebase is based in Seoul and will communicate directly with Brame and Schneider.


“I am thrilled to be working for such a professional group,” said David Brame of the new partnership with xaitment. “Realism in games is very important for the success of a title, and with xaitment, realistic movement and characters can be created in a fast and efficient way. The experience of recent successes in Asia have already begun to pay dividends for xaitment, with one order already booked in Asia and two of the most successful game development and publishing companies in all of Asia expected to close in March.”


Gamebase echoed the same positive expectations for xaitment’s growth in Asia, “We are very pleased to be working with xaitment,” said Gamebase CEO Yung Shin. “There is great potential for xaitment’s game tools in Korea. Game development studios are abundant and xaitment is one of the only middleware providers that can give Korea the technology and support its customers need.”


About the new collaborations, xaitment’s Group CEO, Dr. Andreas Gerber added, “David and Gamebase represent highly seasoned professionals with an enormous amount of experience in marketing and sales in Asia. We’re delighted to have leaders of such caliber and dedication to drive our Sales efforts in Asia.”


Of interest to further potential employees, xaitment has positions open for application engineers in both California and Asia. Interested individuals may stop by xaitment’s booth (802) at the GDC in San Francisco, or submit a résumé on the company’s website.


About xaitment GmbH

xaitment is a world leader in AI game tools for the games and simulations industries. Founded in Germany in 2004, xaitment offers AI middleware that goes beyond just pathfinding. xaitment's AI game tools enable developers, through easy-to-use graphical user interfaces, to create hierarchical probabilistic finite state machines, automatic NavMesh builds, movement behaviors, crowd simulations, world descriptions, autonomic behaviors, and experience-based and inference-based learning behaviors. For more information about xaitment, visit  www.xaitment.com. 

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