xaitment’s Smart AI Coming to Mobile Games

Quierschied, Germany – April 4, 2012 – xaitment, the creators of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) software for video game and simulation developers, today announced that by the beginning of May 2012, the two new AI products it launched at this year’s GDC – xaitMap for Unity and xaitControl for Unity – will enable game developers to create advanced AI for Unity games running on iOS, Android and in the Unity Web Player. xaitment will be discussing its new AI technology for Unity-based mobile platforms during the Unity Asia Bootcamp Tour: Seoul (April 9-10) and Beijing (April 14-15).

xaitMap for Unity brings advanced NavMesh generation, pathfinding and movement features to the menu structure and interface of Unity and Unity Pro. xaitControl for Unity comes with runtime libraries and a graphical Finite State Machine (FSM) editor that work perfectly with Unity’s scene editor and Mono Develop environments, and enable developers to quickly model advanced game logic and character behaviors. When both products launched in late February 2012, they supported the creation of AI for PC games only. In early May 2012, both products will support the creation of AI in Unity games running on iOS, Android and in the Unity Web Player.

“We knew when we launched our AI products for Unity that mobile platforms were extremely important,” said Mike Walsh, CEO of xaitment. “Given the positive feedback we received at this year’s GDC, and subsequent requests for mobile platform support, we’ve made the launch of iOS, Android and Web Player versions of our Unity plug-ins our number one development priority.”

xaitMap / xaitControl for Unity (PC only) are available for download on xaitment’s web store. Both plug-ins come with a 45-day free evaluation, free updates, community support, full documentation and a number of video tutorials. Premium support is also available upon request. For more information on the upcoming mobile support, contact xaitment via its website or email.

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