xaitControl for Unity

xaitControl for Unity makes it simple to create realistic character behaviors for Unity games running on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and the Unity Web Player.

Its easy-to-use visual state machine (FSM) editor and efficient runtime library work out-of-the-box with Unity’s scene editor and Mono Develop environment. No matter what your skill level, if you want to create smarter characters, or better game logic, xaitControl for Unity is the tool for you!

The first 250 customers can get it for just $249.


Create paths with ease

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Create Smarter Game Characters…Faster

Works with Unity and Unity Pro (v3.4 and later)

Develop on Windows (Mac Support Coming Soon)

Deploy on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Unity Web Player

Visual Scripting: Create AI behaviors, interactive objects, game logic and more within a graphical state machine editor.

Drag and Drop: Drag and drop states, transitions or even complete state machines in order to organize and speed up development.

Visual Debugger: Visually examine the flow of state machines, and watch state and variable changes and events, with the real-time debugger.

Supports State Machines as Mono Behaviors: Both C# or Java are supported.

Optimized Performance: Small overhead, small executables, fast loading times.

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Not a Unity User? Check out our full version of xaitControl for game and simulation development.

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