Smart Pathfinding. For All.

xaitMap for Unity is a plug-in for Unity and Unity Pro to help you get your game characters navigating a game environment with just a few clicks. With xaitMap for Unity, you can develop in Windows, and deploy on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Web Player. The first 250 customers get it for $249!

Once installed, xaitMap for Unity brings fast navigation mesh (NavMesh) generation, intuitive path creation, advanced individual and crowd movements, dynamic collision avoidance, and more to Unity’s menu structure and interface.


Create paths with ease

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Create Character Movements with Ease

Works with Unity and Unity Pro (v3.4 and later)

Develop on Windows (Mac Support Coming Soon)

Deploy Pathfinding on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Unity Web Player

Fast 3D NavMesh Generation on Any Type of Terrain

Real Mesh – No Grid or Manual Waypoint Graphs

Suitable for Indoor and Large Terrains, or Combinations of Both

Extremely Fast Rebuilds on Edits to Your Level Geometry through Sector Caching

Highly Optimized A* Pathfinding with Raytraced Path Optimization

State-of-the-Art Collision Avoidance

Waypoint Patrol and Follow Behaviors Included

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Not a Unity User? Check out our full version of xaitMap for game and simulation development.

Try xaitControl for Unity

Learn more about xaitControl for Unity

Runtime libraries and a graphical finite state machine (FSM) editor that fits perfectly into Unity’s scene editor and Mono Develop environment.

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